Is your tight foreskin causing you problems?

You no longer have to suffer in silence, as our complete foreskin stretching kit, provides all items required to stretch the foreskin at home and without the need for surgery

When the foreskin is tight, this is known as phimosis, and is graded as follows:

  • Grade 1: The foreskin is tight, but 100% retraction is still possible when flaccid
  • Grade 2: Glans exposure around 90%, but the foreskin does not retract even when flaccid
  • Grade 3: Around 50% glans exposure, retraction not possible, and washing is limited
  • Grade 4: 10% exposure of the glans. Retraction impossible and daily washing is very difficult
  • Grade 5: 0% exposure and impossible to see the glans. Effective washing not possible
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Phimosis or Paraphimosis?

Phimosis is extremely common, and for many years, men have believed that the only option to resolve it, is circumcision. For most, this has led to the problem being ignored, while the individual suffers in silence, due to either, fear of the incredibly unpleasant prospect of surgery, or embarrassment of visiting the doctor. Inevitably, this has created social barriers for individuals, and has led to lifelong self esteem issues caused by an inhibited ability to wash effectively, an impairment of their sex life due to discomfort, and for some, frequent candidiasis infections.

Thankfully, in more recent years, men have adopted the use of a foreskin stretcher, and due to the extremely high success rates of our foreskin stretching products, those who are suffering with all grades of phimosis, can now resolve the issue at home safely and comfortably.

Our phimosis treatment kit can be used for all grades of phimosis, from severe grade 5 pinhole phimosis, to grade 1, we include all items needed to resolve the issue to full comfortable retraction.

We are so confident with our phimosis resolution, that we offer a full refund if you are unable to completely retract your foreskin without discomfort, or are unsatisfied with the results or product.

Free international shipping to all countries is included, and you can rest assured that the packaging is completely discreet, to allow you to resolve the issue with complete privacy and in your own home.

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