Those with phimosis will often have questions related to their individual issue and how it can be resolved. In most circumstances, there are others with very similar circumstances and questions.

If your question is not listed below, please email enquiries@4retract.com

01 – Is the product discreet as I wish to avoid discussing with others at my address?

Yes, the kit is completely discreet, with only your name and address shown. For orders outside of the EU, the package will also have a customs label, stating ‘silicone seals, tweezers, non flammable grease’ so is often disguised as a repair kit or similar to family members.

02 – Can I wear the phimosis rings for longer than 1 hour?

We don’t recommend wearing the rings for prolonged periods as the skin requires time to adapt and regenerate, to allow optimal stretching whilst limiting inflammation

03 – What’s included in the foreskin stretching kit?

All of our phimosis kits include 20 rings in progressive increments, a stainless steel ring removal/stretching tool, and phimosis cream

04 – How do I keep the phimosis rings clean?

The rings are manufactured from a latex free material, similar to baby bottle teats, so they can be kept clean with soap and water, or sterilised in baby bottle sterilising solution. We do not recommend the use of harsh chemicals or an autoclave.

05 – If the kit does not work, can I get a refund?

Yes, we offer a full refund if you are unable to completely resolve your phimosis

06 – I have lost the size I was using, do I need to buy a complete kit again?

No, email enquiries@4retract.com and we will help

07 – I have resolved my phimosis, will it return?

When the foreskin can retract easily, the retraction during sexual activity and daily washing is the natural process which prevents re-occurrence. It is advisable however, to sterilise, and store the kit, so that it can be used in future if needed.

08 – I have pinhole phimosis, will this be suitable?

The 4Retract phimosis rings begin at 4mm diameter. As the rings cannot be folded to insert due to being so small, they have a different design to allow simple fitment and removal.

09 – I have made good progress, but have been using the current size for longer. Is this normal?

Occasionally, progress does not follow a linear path, and it can help to encourage stretching with the following: During a bath or shower, perform 10 minutes of manual stretches, then fit the current size for 10 minutes, remove, manually stretch again, then try the next size up. If it still does not fit comfortably, fit the current size being used, and push a smaller size into the centre to increase the outer diameter slightly. The rings are designed to accommodate a smaller size in the centre.

10 – Can I wear them overnight?

No, we do not advise doing this. Foreskin stretching requires rest, and leaving the rings in place for prolonged periods can counteract the process significantly.

11 – Can I wear them during intercourse to avoid foreskin discomfort?

No, this should be avoided in all circumstances, and ensure to wash away the stretching cream prior to engaging in sexual activity.

12 – I’m sceptical as your prices are so low compared to other companies. What’s the catch?

We have an objective to provide a low cost solution to resolve phimosis, and will continue to do so. This has allowed us to help countless individuals from all economic climates, avoiding the unreasonable barriers caused by excessively priced products. Our products have been designed by us and we will continue to keep our production costs down, to maintain our primary objectives.