Product information

4Retract phimosis tools have been specifically designed and manufactured to treat phimosis. Using the softest and most comfortable, medical grade material, the rings not only have the most suitable size increments, but are also safe and comfortable to wear.

As it would be impossible to fold small rings to enable fitment, these sizes have a design which allows fast and simple fitting. One edge of the small sizes has greater flexibility to encourage it to deform. This allows them to be pulled out for removal. The outer edge is less flexible to prevent them from slipping inside the foreskin.

Mid sizes are designed to allow a simple fold and insert method, with a dual flange to prevent them from moving out of place, whilst providing a comfortable, secure stretch.

Large sizes have a frenulum recession point which ensures that blood flow of the frenulum is not restricted, and this prevents the frenulum from pushing the rings out of place.

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The rings are designed to accommodate smaller sizes into the centre, to increase the outer diameter slightly if the wearer would prefer smaller progressive steps.

rings used in stretching for phimosis

The stainless steel tool provided within the kit has a dual purpose. It is used to grip the edges of the rings to assist removal if required, and due to the rounded tip design is used to manually stretch the foreskin prior to fitting the rings when moving up through the small/intermediate sizes.

Hypoallergenic phimosis cream is also included. This is extremely useful in promoting skin elasticity and skin health, and should be applied daily.

The 4Retract kit, has all tools needed to completely resolve phimosis in the comfort of your own home, and we are so confident in this statement, that we offer a full refund if you are unsuccessful.

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