We advise all individuals to undergo a check up with a medical professional prior to commencing their foreskin stretching regime. This ensures that the foreskin is healthy and any underlying conditions are managed effectively.

The 4Retract phimosis products are designed to be used on adults. We do not advise or condone the use of our products on children. If you have inadvertently purchased our products for the use on a child, please email to discuss the steps needed for a refund.

When you receive your foreskin stretching set, try a ring which appears smaller than your foreskin opening. If it is too small and falls out, try the next size up, until you can feel a comfortable stretch without pain. This will be the size which you will begin with.

The ring should be worn for 45-60 minutes, then remove, wash the ring and store in the provided case. Apply a small amount of the stretching cream and massage in. This helps to soften the tight region and promotes improved skin health. Always avoid leaving the rings in place for long period as this causes inflammation, which counteracts the stretching process.

When you no longer feel a stretch, it is time to try the next size up. Always take care when moving up a size to ensure that you do not overstretch. It can help to take a long bath or shower before progressing to the next size. As an approximate guide 2-3 days per size is common, but ensure to maintain your own parameters according to how the current size feels.

The end result objective is met when the foreskin can pass over the glans comfortably, allowing uninhibited washing and sexual activity.

Please refer to the ‘Additional Information’ page for further phimosis stretching tips.

phimosis stretching instructions
phimosis rings

*Important – Larger sized rings have a recessed point to prevent the impairment of blood flow to the frenulum, and to prevent the frenulum from pushing the rings out. Please fit these sizes with the recessed point at the bottom and inward.